ICS, LLC is partnering with Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research and Innovation Center (MATRIC) of Charleston, W.V.,(, Innovative Patent Solutions, a JV with SciTech Patent Art ( of Hyderabad, India, and The Catalyst Group,( to help provide the Total “c2C” consulting services spanning the full range of activities from the concept stage to the commercialization.

The services are listed below:
Research & Development planning in all stages of R&D work.
Patent Search and Analytics
Litigation support including expert witness.
Training, coaching & mentoring of younger/new employees.

ICS, LLC will utilize other needed experts globally to catalyze the solutions to your (our Customers) problems.With customer in front, top and center, the plans for solutions will be presented (after carefully/thoughtfully listening), discussed and then executed flawlessly in Customers and/or Partner’s and/or other third parties facilities – best suited to catalyze the solutions, thereby reducing cycle time and costs to development and commercialization.
If some concepts are not ready for development and commercialization, they will be identified early and efficiently, there by saving costs ($$$). Thus these saved- $$$ can in turn be deployed for other worthy projects.