Professional Leadership and Community Activities:  

1. Co-organized symposium on Fuels and Petrochemicals at the First Joint Meeting of Indian and American Institute of Chemical Engineers, December 27-30, 2004, Mumbai, India.

2. Chairman, Kanawaha Valley Section of ACS, 2002, Chairman Elect – 2001, Past- Chair 2003.Organised with the Executive Committee the highly successful 75th Anniversary of this Local Section.

3. Organized and presented papers in several National and International Symposia related to catalysis including:

(A) Catalysis of the Future, “22nd State-of-the-Art Symposium, July 20/21, 1987, University of California, Berkeley.
(B) Methane and Alkane Conversion Chemistry”, March 13-17, 1994, ACS  Meeting, San Diego, CA, Petroleum Chemistry Division.

(C) Co-organised symposium on “Nanomaterials: Synthesis, Characterization and Catalysis” at the International Pacifichem  2000, Dec. 14-19, Honolulu, Hawali, Organizers:
G.A. Somorjai, M.M. Bhasin, J.B. Moffat and K.I. Tanaka.

4. Secretariat General of ACS Catalysis Secretariat General Elect, 1996.

5. Chairman, I&EC Division of the ACS, 1990 and Chairman-Elect, 1989.

6. General Chairman, I&EC State-of-the-Art Symposia Series 1986-88. Also served as a member of the I&EC Executive Committee.

7. Member Resource Development Advisory Board, United way, 2001- 2004, Member Board of Directors, United way of Kanawha  Valley, WV, 1998-1999.Continue to serve in the Campaign Cabinet and is raising the needed funds for United Way through personal contacts in the community.

8. Served as Chairman of India Center of W.Va. for 13 years, provided leadership for their ambitious, $1MM capital program to build the India Center. The India Center was completed on schedule and continues to successfully function providing a venue for a whole range of diverse community activities for all West Virginians and the natives of India. Continued to organize multicultural activities to promote “Unity with in Diversity” and  “Tolerance Towards Each Other” initiatives following the teaching of Mahatma Gandhi in the community for the past 14 years. One such annual activity called “India Heritage Fair” has been very successful involving 1200- 1500 persons from all over West Virginia.