We provide novel Consulting services to industry, academic and governmental organizations to accelerate or catalyze the research, development and commercialization of new concepts/ideas. We specialize in chemical, petrochemical, catalyst and materials including all related analytical/surface characterization techniques and the planning of experiments. Services in these and other fields are additionally supported by many experts in our partner companies. We partner with internationally recognized supported by many experts to provide efficient, cost effective, high quality services through Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research and Innovation Center, MATRIC( ), SciTech Patent Art (www.patent-art), The Catalyst Group ( and others.
We provide the Total "c2C" consulting services spanning the full range of activities from the concept stage to the commercialization. We also trouble-shoot plant problems working with our Clients in record times to save $$$. Some typical services are:

Research & Development planning in all stages of R&D work.
Training, coaching & mentoring of younger scientists & engineers
Patent Search and Analytics
Litigation support including expert witness services

Our services will benefit "Full Range" of companies, small-medium-large, in chemicals, speciality chemicals, plastics, materials, nano-materials, metals,bio-chemicals, etc. In addition to companies, academic, research institutes and governmental institutions interested in protecting their Intellectual Property(IP) through substantially lower costs while mantaining high quality through our Partner SciTech Patent Art.