Ph.D. Physical Chemistry, University of Notre Dame, Indiana,1963.
Graduate studies at Indiana University, 1959-60 for M.S. (Chem.)
Atomic Energy Establishment, Mumbai, India, 1958-59.
B.Sc. (Honors), University of Delhi, New Delhi, India, 1958.

Employment History:
Joined Union Carbide Corporation, Sept. 1963 as a Chemist. After several promotions on the Technical Ladder, He was promoted to " Corporate Fellow" in 1988, one of the top two technical positions (only 20-30 totals), particularly for his technical contributions to Ethylene Oxide/ Ethylene Glycol business. He was in this role till acquiaition of Union Carbide by Dow Chemical.

In 2001, post acquisition of Union Carbide by The Dow Chemical Company, Bhasin was first recognized as Scientist (equivalent Technical Ladder position to Corporate Fellow in Union Carbide) and shortly after a few months was promoted to Senior Scientist – a Director level equivalent Technical Ladder position.

During his 45+ year career, Dr. Bhasin has received numerous national and international awards. He has also received some of the highest awards internally from Union Carbide and Dow Chemical. In 2006 Dr. Bhasin was elected to the US National Acadmy of Engneering. read more...